July 31, 2018

The Bathroom

The spacious guest bathroom was designed for relaxation and indulgence. It is a ‘Room with a View’ and includes double pedestal basins , walk in shower and a traditional freestanding cast iron claw foot bath, which nestled in a long bay window, allows a view of the landscaped “silver garden” . Hidden behind cupboard doors a European style laundry fulfils all washing and ironing needs.

The Verdure ensuite (coming online in Spring 2018), boasts another original cast iron claw foot bath with a view via wooden shutters through to the rose fields, and includes a vanity and walk in double shower.

Biology amenities throughout ensure an aromatic and therapeutic soak, with “shower” tablets providing an aromatherapy steam shower experience, designed as a relaxant either from the days proceedings or after a soak in the hot tub. Large Bath towels , Hairdryers and hair straighteners are provided for guest convenience.

Once refreshed wrap yourself in one of our thick cosy bathrobes slip on your complimentary in-house slippers and then it’s time to relax.