June 15, 2018

The Cedar Hot Tub

The Miner’s Cottage features the region’s only genuine cedar hot tub for the ultimate relaxation experience… the natural way. Complementary spa refreshments – herbal tea, probiotic kefir, sparkling rose water – are provided.

Massage from an Ayurvedic qualified therapist is available on request. Accessed via the theatre room the tub is undercover with retractable privacy blinds. It is rainwater fed and is set at between 38 and 40 degrees. We are committed to ensuring professional water quality, treatment and cleaning. We maintain the tub according to environmental health requirements, without chlorine.

(Minerals are used to disinfect the water)  It is PH tested and certified prior to each use. Due to the natural tannin in the cedar the water has a slight “tea” tint which is not at all harmful. We do not recommend use of the hot tub while pregnant. We do not recommend use of alcohol in the hot tub due to dehydration.